Pixie Dust

Tina's Pixie Dust Fertilizer

A slow release fertilizer that feeds for 2-6+ months, depending on temperature.

When planting in the ground:

For 6-packs, put one level TEAspoon under each individual plant

On 4 inch pots use two TEAspoons.

On six inch pots, use one TABLEspoon.

On larger plants use one level TABLEspoon for each gallon of soil mix in the container. This takes care of its fertilizer needs for most of the season.

Bear with me for a second as this part is important: This is known as a Controlled Release Fertilizer or CRF. The really great thing about a CRF is it releases every time you water. No more measuring the blue or green fertilizer powder into your watering can. No more trying to remember if you fertilized last time, or was it the time before that. As the plant grow, the fertilizer releases. As the weather warms up, the plant grows more, and the fertilizer releases more too! That wasn't too painful was it? That is why this is why we use CRF here in our growing.

As mentioned above the release rate varies with soil temperature. Soil temperature in the ground, in a well mulched bed, may range between 60 to 65 degrees, or maybe a scooch higher. At this temperature this fertilizer will last probably 7 or 8 months. In a patio pot or hanging basket the soil temperature will be almost what the air temperature is, or 75 to 90 degrees. At 90 degrees this fertilizer will last about 2 months. That's why we put the 2 to 6+ month range. On plants in the ground, with cooler soli temperatures and longer lasting fertilizer, one application a year may be sufficient. On above ground containers that will have higher temperatures, you will need to give an additional dose every 6 to 8 weeks or so in order to keep them growing and flourishing.